The WILPF section in Ghana was founded in 2011. WILPF Ghana is a platform by which the issues of women, in relation to peace and security can be heard on both national and international levels
We address human rights, womens's participation, gender inequalitues and promote social economic and political justice.

In order to achieve the overall objective of WILPF, WILPF-Ghana's work promote a culture of peace, defend women’s human rights, promote social, economic and political justice, support holistic education and build women's capacity, empower women and generally impact positively on women's lives in Ghana. The WILPF- Ghana present activities and programs are organized under the WILPF International Program of Work.

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Our programmes are focused on bringing peace, addressing human rights, women’s participation, gender inequalities and promote social economic and political justice


Women's Leadership in Peace building is essential to increase women's participation in national governments, regional and intergovernmental forums Concrete actions must be taken to improve women's leadership, participation, and representation at all levels of decision-making which is very crucial for the achievement of human rights, justice, and the Sustainable Development Goals. The importance of having female leaders in positions of influence is not only for the sake of the principles of human rights, and democracy but for justice to be realized.

To this end, women must be able to participate fully and equally in areas of decision making especially in areas that directly affect women like in conflict, war and post-conflict situations. It goes without saying that war and conflict affect both men and women's human rights. Engendering peacebuilding processes actually entail two main aspects: making sure that woman's interests and needs are addressed, and also acknowledging their full role as peacebuilders. However, there are particular gendered dimensions to violence that have a disproportionate and differing impact on women.


Our Stop Gender violence projects and campaign is a nationwide movement with affiliations with the media, communities and schools, launched to move against gender-based violence. WILPF Ghana End Gender Violence Campaign and Projects: Create a culture that values women and girls: Change communities view, non-violence and girl child education etc. We design our own advocacy campaigns -

Decreasing violence against women and girls require a community-based, a multi-pronged approach, and sustained engagement with multiple stakeholders. Our most effective initiatives address the underlying risk factors of violence, including social norms regarding gender roles and the acceptability of violence. WILPF Ghana national advocacy program works to influence attitudes, behavioral, policy and practices to prevent violence against women in Ghana through two strategies: national media campaign and policy advocacy. Our behaviour change campaigns focus on domestic violence. We are advocates of gender relations that are free of violence and based on equality.


WILPF Ghana's Human Rights programme works on the international, regional and local levels to advocate for long-lasting peace across the world, especially in Ghana and other African countries, through the realization of all human rights. We advocate, promote and look at the obstacles that stop women and girls from achieving their potential and explore ways by which we can change the world for the better.


WILPF Ghana consistently advocates for a world free of violence and armed conflicts in which human rights are protected. Total and universal disarmament has been one of WILPF's goals since its origination in 1915. Today, WILPF's international disarmament work is coordinated through her International programme-Reaching Critical Will and other WILPF sections in all the continents.

Since 1915, the Women's international league for peace and freedom has brought women together to work for a world free from war and to achieve non-violent political change for real and true feminist peace

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. --Margeret Mead.

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